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Thursday, March 17, 2011

LuCKy 17...

So Maddie has been up to a lot lately…I am not trying to diminish her latest and greatest! (previous post) So things I am so proud of…and because lucky 17 sounds good…
1. eat very small bites of hot dog, grounds beef, and fish
2. take 2 to 3 walking steps
3. squat down and play
4. cruise like it is nothing
5. brush her tooth
6. throw a screaming, kicking, throwing fit to go outside
7. wrap you around her finger with one smile
8. kiss with her mouth closed and tongue out
9. dance with her butt in the air
10. do a little hop with a turn on her butt (gotta get video)
11. draw a straight line, holding the marker correct
12. understands to help put on shoes
13. understands it is time to eat ice cream
14. drive her brother crazy with ALWAYS having to be near him playing
15. can get in and out of play blue car
16. can self feed a cheerio and cheeto
17. will ALWAYS wake up with a smile and hug
Happy St. Patrick’s Day…


  1. I love this list!!! #5 cracked me up, I wanna see #10 because if it's what I'm envisioning then Sutter does something very similar, #11 is AMAZING and #17 melts my heart!!!

    Happy St. Patty's day!

  2. brush her tooth <--- Hehe, I love this!

    Good job on the walking and cruising! Of course she knows when it's ice cream time!

  3. Hahaha, I was cracking up at #5, too. :-) And #11 IS AMAZING!! Wow! What a fun list!

  4. I love the can do lists because they always make me smile...she can do many many great things and will continue too! :)

  5. LOL...This was great!! #5 still has me smiling...Dying to see #9 and 10 on video!! And Russell is just approaching #14...he made a huge mess in the toy room last night pulling things off shelves and out of toy boxes and when we told the girls to clean up before bed they freaked out saying it was RUSSELLS mess not theirs! I love how he is becoming a little shit disturber :)

  6. Love it! A girl after my own heart...I, too, am a big fan of ice cream time!!!! :)