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Friday, March 11, 2011

older is good...Grrrr...

as I was watching the View this morning...they were talking about having babies after 40 and how it is very rewarding to be an older parent...I appreciated there was not talk about the risks of having a baby after 40...because I think the only risk of kids after 40 is the baby pounds do not come off as easily... in a few years I will be 40 years old...it is does not bother me to much considering my 20's are worth forgetting...and so far my 30's have been pretty fabulous...parenthood has been better then I had bargained for...so as I get older I seem to get more comfortable with me...I am ok that I like hip hop pop music...and I still like the videos...and I like to dance and sing like no one is in the room...the other night we went ice skating...we had a blast...after 20 years + of no ice skating I picked it up like it was yesterday (so I thought)...it was funny Max was work'n the ice teaching himself....and this 4 or 5 year old comes over to me and says do you want to race? I said oh ya! he said ok gooooo I did and I was doing really good...the next thing I knew I was flat on my tummy sliding across the ice...it was AWESOME!! it was "normal" and I laughed...Chad was rolling and Max and Maddie did not know what to think...so they both followed suit and laughed...little things is what I appreciate more then ever....I notice more...today driving down the road with the music bumping and the kids dancing....was "normal" it was good...the older I seem to get and the more experiences I go through seems to make me more confident more at ease with what is our reality...the more I observe, the more I see that my ideal of what I thought marriage and family were...was very off base...that family is what you make of it...if you choose to be busy and consumed by keeping up with Jones...then you will be busy...if you choose to have a quiet slow world...then that is what you have...I have people comment alot that they could not do what I do in regards to Maddie...I think how could you not do what I do...I just love and do what my family expects me to do...I taught them how to treat me...I taught them what to expect of me...so being Maddie's parent really is no different then being Max's parent...I am looking forward to my 40's...a cougar has always been one of my favorite animals ;)
ants in his pants!


  1. LOL! I have to laugh over the photo!!!

    You know, I think we all do the best we can -- even with typical developing children. Even on the days when I question my ability to provide everything I can for Gabe, in the very base of me, I know it's enough. Being 46 (please don't tell anyone!) allows me to bring in enough life experience to really enjoy Gabe. I don't think I could have been a good enough parent to any child, let alone a child with Ds, even in my 30's! Anyway, I'm all for cougars and young bucks! :P

  2. Love the photo and loved this post!

  3. Older is WAY better! I haven't met a decade that I haven't liked, but so far I'm loving my 30's...and I've been here a few years! Rock on mama...keep on dancing and singing even if people are watching!

    That is bar far one of the BEST pictures I have seen in a really long time...made me laugh out loud!

    Happy weekend!

  4. Cougars and young bucks, lol...Love it! Its funny I dreaded my 30's, it was SO "old" and now that I am in my 30's I am LOVING it! I just feel comfortable and happy with everything in my life.
    Great picture, hahaha

  5. BaaaHahahhh that photo is a classic !

  6. So true...I just enjoy life more and more as it goes on!

  7. Fantastic post and LOVE the photo!