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Friday, March 25, 2011

as the story goes...

Once upon a time…a seemingly reasonable person told a story…trying to be funny they used a voice…an accent of sorts…to describe the characters in the story…but instead of being a complimenting voice…a voice of a younger human…this voice portrayed great stereotype and wonder…wonder of why…why do we have to use “the voice”…”the voice” that is describing the “r” word…unintentional…probably…but how in 2011 would we use a voice to describe a particular group of people…in the back of peoples heads do they not think…maybe this could be offensive…that maybe the person that they are talking to that has a child born with an extra ability…and could take offense to it…because they hesitated when they began the story and changed there words to describe the youth in the story…so clearly they knew not to use the “r” word…instead they used mentally challenged with a shrug…not great but at this point any change is a good change! The story is funny without “the voice”…the story is funny without prefacing it with what the kiddos were born with…Once upon a time a boy and a girl were in the park at school…the principal turned the corner and found the boy on top of the girl…when he asked what they were up to…the boy said she lifted her dress an told me to jump on! What did you expect me to do!...this is a funny story…no need for “the voice”…or the description of the two people…all they had to say…there once was a boy, a girl and a principal….


  1. Hi! I was reading other people's comments on a blog I just started following. I read one of your comments and for some reason clicked on your title. Imagine my surprise when I read your profile as I am also in Casper, WY! I invite you to check out my blog http://onlythemanager.blogspot.com if you'd like but you'd actually more enjoy my daughter's as she is also a young mom. http://maria-rose.blogspot.com/ Anyway, nice to "meet" you!

  2. I too hate the 'voice'. For me it's about equal with the r word.