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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Eating…it should be a fairly easy thing to accomplish...it should be something that comes natural…I have never seen the issues that I am seeing with Maddie…I have seen kids that wouldn’t eat because of texture, taste, smell, sight, defiance, and simply put they are just to busy to eat because they are so busy discovering the world…I get all of these issues...Maddie choked again and got a 2 cm piece foam lodged in her esophagus…I knew something was in there...but I was not sure what and I knew what I had been feeding her…pureed baby food STILL! In the past week Maddie has digressed her eating back to baby puree foods and will not eat everything she was eating last week…on Sunday Maddie began wheezing and coughing…and just seemed uncomfortable…so I mentioned something to Chad and he poo pooed me…and we went and picked plums…she was still acting funny and she went down for a 3 hour nap…I woke her up and tired to feed her and give her something to drink…NOTHING…she would get some food and drink in and then she would wheeze and cough…so I said to Chad should we go to the ER or what…he just put his pinky down her throat and up came the foam…since then…not eating…barely drinking...Chad thinks she irritated it…YOU THINK!! So today at breakfast it took an hour and half to get her to eat 3 small jars of baby food…and sum water and juice…at lunch a half of a small jar of pureed turkey…no Gerber Cheetoos she will not et them…no eggs…no nothing…frustration over the swallow study is that it helped nothing…just more medication that causes serious side effects…I know she has NO teeth to help chew...but we are working on chewing daily and she seems not to get the connection between chewing on a nuk or a rib and chewing on a baby ravioli or eggs…she is now coughing up everything…she ate ice cream for dinner last night…how long will this go on?


  1. Oh, poor little thing! I wish I knew what to tell you. I never tried Samantha on anything she'd have to chew until she had her molars. I was too paranoid because she would always swallow things whole without even attempting to chew. She'd barely eat Stage 3s. Talk to her regular pediatrician and get their opinion on it. Can you keep her on the Stage 2 formula (what we did) for a little while so she'll at least get the calories and the nutrients? As long as it's not to do with any additional blockages, don't worry - I'm sure she'll come around eventually. Our kids are stubborn that way.

  2. I can sense your frustration and I wish I could help or offer some profound advice, but just don't have any! I wish there was an easy fix for you and Miss Maddie! Hang in there....it has to get better!