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Saturday, September 11, 2010

where's Max

Yeah! girls weekend…a weekend just for me and my Maddie…so far it has been wonderful…this morning we walked and help raise money for a great cause…got a huge Starbucks and just loved on one another…when she wakes up from nap we will go to the mall and enjoy some time shopping and browsing…we are going to pick out some new finger nail polish so Maddie can have her toes and nails done…Chad and Max are having a boys weekend hunting and fishing…I am hoping to make this a annual date for me and my girl! Funny thing about my Maddie is that she is yelling and searching for her brother! And she is baffled at where he could be…she schreechs out her maa maa maa with her hand and arm in the air waiting for him to come running to serve her! When she realizes he is not coming….She starts searching for him from room to room with no luck…then she sits at the front door waiting for playmate to come home...


  1. Aww, so sweet! Glad you can have some girl time with Maddie though!

  2. Ha ha, thats so cute!! Hope you have a great girls weekend!!!