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Friday, September 17, 2010


Maddie is on a medication called Metroclopram  .which is a generic medication for Raglan… this medication is to help her esophagus contract and her stomach to empty…however, some of the side effects are worrisome…example confusion, abnormal thinking, fast irregular heart…muscle problems with the arms, legs, tongue, mouth puckering and chewing movements…then there is the suicidal thoughts, enlarged breasts, decreased energy, hallucinations, this one is my favorite increased risk of new or worsening mental or mood changes…then if we decide to take her of f the medication there is withdrawal symptoms including neuroleptic malignant syndrome…this seems like a promising drug to give my princess…I am sure every parent would like to partake in this drug…this is the drug I researched and asked 3 different doctors and 2 pharmacists there opinion…of course they all said the same thing the benefits out way the risk...I did however get Maddie’s surgeon/doctor to lower her dose of the medication…and I think it is working! My Maddie for the first time in her life is hungry…and wanting to eat and drink…this morning she ate BY HERSELF a frozen yogurt, eggs, cheerios, and baby ravioli’s…OOOH MYY! I cannot believe my little girl is growing up! She is climbing over everything and standing up to get into mischief! It is wonderful! At Yellowstone a man said to me how lucky I was to have a child that was not walking...I thought to myself you have no idea the party we are going to throw when Maddie takes her first steps…her millstones are everybody’s…and we will celebrate!


  1. How wonderful that the drug is working!! Mommy always knows best, though, so you'll be the first one to notice any adverse side-effects. I sure hope they stay away!

  2. Wait a minute? Have we seen her in her glasses?? I'm seeing this adorable pic on the right in the flowers with her awesome specs but I can't zoom in to see that pretty face! Please share!!! Sounds like she's doing great!!

  3. Yay for Maddie...eating all by herself...someone is becoming a big girl! Got any recent pics?

  4. Glad to hear Maddie is wanting to eat! Sounds like she is doing so many great new things!!