Tuesday, September 7, 2010

just CHiLL...

Chill…that is what I am lately…CHILL…I am trying not to get upset or in a tizzy…it is working out ok…Max started Pre-School last week…and he did AMAZING! He loves it and I have made peace with his teacher and the “jester”….she is a good teacher and it was a mistake...she learned from it and have move on…when she came to do the home visit…she showed me pictures of her nephew that was born with Down Syndrome…she is trying and I think that in a small way we made a HUGE change in her…she will think before she “jesters” and think before she speaks! Max is sporting his new t-shirt at school today that says “my Sister with Down Syndrome ROCKS”…

We went to Yellowstone for the long weekend and saw moose, bears, elk, bison, snakes, an weasels OOOOHHHH MY!! It was just what the family needed…it snowed on us after watching Old Faithful Explode…it was very cool and calm…Maddie is the BOMB that has exploded! She is pulling to stand, and trying ooohh so hard to feed herself with a spoon and cup, she is also assisting in getting dressed and showing her attitude when she does not like someone or something! I guess we are just coming along and it feels CHILL!

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  1. What a super update! I'm relieved to learn that Max's teacher is becoming "aware". Especially for Max! Maddie sounds very independent, K! I love the pics on your sidebar. :)