Thursday, September 16, 2010

smiling feet...

Smiles…they are contagious and nice…it has been awhile since I have really smiled…this past weekend was a great time for me to just get to know Maddie better…there times I am not sure if I now her…sure I know what she likes to eat and her favorite tickle spots…but there is so much more to know…and kiddos are constantly changing…so sometimes it hard to get a good read on them…Maximus is very good at telling us what he wants, likes or does not like…and Maddie is good at smiling…and giving licks and kisses to tell us what she craves…she has begun raising her arms and saying OpaAAh…it is cute and it means she likes what ever it is you are doing…I think we all think our kids smiles are the BEsT and special just for us…Maddie is capable of smiling with her whole body…not just her mouth…but her eyes, shoulders, hands, legs and her feet…yes her feet smiles point straight up and back very flexed and they shake with excitement… I love that intensity…she also can smile with her bounce…she has this bounce she does when you are holding her and she moves up and down and with the best lick and shake of the head…she is filled with a smile…today I caught Maddie with a microphone that was singing high school musical…she was shaking her hair and getting down with the music…swaying back and forth and just loving it…when she saw me she giggled…and I smiled…


  1. I was just thinking about you today too! Glad to hear its all smiles at your house today :)

  2. This post made me SMILE!!! Sutter also smiles with his whole body and I just love it! I'm glad you had some good "girl" time with Maddie!