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Thursday, September 1, 2011


Maddie's learning of self feeding...and me learning patience and blowing off a messy Maddie...
I am so independent...

so I have something on my face?

check our my teeth!

applesauce n greek yogurt! my favorite!



  1. Yep, you're right, they are two peas in a pod...just think if we were neighbors we could feed them at the same time and then hose them off together! :)

    Maddie's smile MELTS my heart, she really is too cute for words!

  2. Oh, I'm with Wren - that little princess' smile completely melts me!!!! She's doing great with her self-feeding (definitely a very important skill!!)! :-)

  3. Err, I am having trouble commenting!! Anyway, the mess is something I need to work on for sure! I need to let Russell learn to self feed and not worry about the mess it ends up being! I think Madds is doing fabulous!! And I just love her little glasses, she's to darn cute!

  4. Now that is one cute messy face!

  5. Oh my she is just delicious I could just eat her up - I'll take my Maddie Apple sauce falvoured ! LOL Viv

  6. I still don't let Max have the spoon ;)

  7. She is sooooooo adorable! I love the messy face!

  8. Having to catch up on posts because I've been so slack! (Even w/my blog).
    I missed Maddie pics. :) Adorable.
    I swear Eslea is NEVER GETTING TEETH. They are MIA! oh well.

  9. I haven't tried this with Arina yet, mostly because I'm terrified of the messy baby! I know, it sounds stupid, but I've never let any of my kids just go to town with their food. Because I don't want to clean the whole kitchen afterwards. I have started giving her a spoon to play with though. Hey, its something!

  10. I need to get over having a messy baby too. Claire does great with the fork if I help load it, but I'm often not brave enough to hand her a spoon. :)