Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'll take that...

Perspective…that is what having Maddie gave me…and that really is the hardest part for me…I have had to change my thinking and the voice in my head…when you get a diagnosis like Ds, TEF/EA, heart defect, etc…you take inventory of EVERYTHING…from how you approach the world to how you buy groceries…why…cause it costs money…it costs time…nothing is as simple as it once was…the world seems bigger and eventually brighter then it did before…change is the new “normal”...and expecting the unexpected…then with every blood draw, with every doctors appointment a new worry or concern…a new challenge to google…these days I am not uptight about change or the unknown…I am just handy and good at searching for help…I am no longer afraid to ask for help or get a second opinion…perspective of what is truly important and what is not…not important things have been put on the “I do not care” list and filed away…important is more knowledge, more truth about the knowledge I learning, and a relative happy place…not important -people who take from my joy and material items…I now understand that I know nothing but I do know more then doctors when it comes to Maddie…I expect nothing from anything or anyone…and in return I will get a healthy happy life with minimal effort…I have found all my effort needs to be directed and focused on my family not others…selfish yep…but they have not walked in my shoes…and they do not want to…they seem to think my child is a “burden” a sad, poor me affair…nope she is just shear goodness…that’s why I let her lick puddles, eat sand, and look like a hot mess daily…she is my Maddie a one of kind girl-the life of the party…with no boundaries, no worries, no wants…just Maddie with a loud demeanor and infectious smile…I guess if it took Maddie to give me peace then so be it…


  1. I'm lovin your posts lately...They always give me a lot to think about, I want to try to adopt some of these lessons you are learning into my own life.

  2. Funny and amazing how these little ones we have with Down syndrome rock our world...and in the end make it a much better place to be. Even with the challenges, I would trade it for the world. Kristen has made my life better...others lives better too and for those who pity her...I actually pity them. We have a gift they will never always I love your posts.