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Friday, January 7, 2011

tisk tisk...

one of the many stereo types that I cannot stand is…”people with downs will not know better” REALLY…I was told this again  (yes they used downs that a whole other peive)…and this time I responded very nicely…Yes they do and so will Maddie…she will know she was born with Down Syndrome and what it means...she will be fully aware of what the “r” word means…she will know that she is behind the "norm"……she knows…Maddie already gets it…her brain works just fine...she just has to work harder and practice more…but Maddie and people in general that carry an extra chromosome get it…so this got me thinking why? why do people think this…do people that were born with Down Syndrome not breathe, not respond to others or things, do they not hear, talk, and have a conversation with you…then why would you think they do not understand…why would you think that they do not hurt just like you…Maddie will never know life without an extra chromosome…she will never know life without multiple medications that help keep her alive…and she will never know life without societies limitations on her…but to say she does not get it or does not know better…that is just foolish…


  1. Amen! I'm going to teach Sutter about Down syndrome too....it's just like any other condition someone might have so why shouldn't he know what it is....like you said it's never not going to be there!

  2. Before Samantha was born I knew *nothing* about Ds. The stereotypes ran rampant in my mind, and I panicked about what kind of self-awareness she would have as she grew up. I suppose this person who said that to you may know about as much as I did at that time, but sheesh, it's a real shame she "did not know better" than to actually say that to you!! Well, at least she gave you the opportunity to set her straight!! Great answer. :-) Btw, what was her response to you?

  3. My hubby ran out and bought this book after Jax was born. I started to read it, and stopped after two pages. Although it does have good info on the medical stuff they can have, it always referred to them as mentally disabled. It never said Down syndrome or Trisomy 21. Never! It made me crazy, Arina is just as smart as any of my other babies! Maybe even more so!

  4. I agree with you, our kids WILL understand everything, and it really bugs me to know people think they wont! Like you said, they have to work a little harder, but they DO understand everything around them.

  5. Well said! Kaetlyn will know she has DS and she will understand how to deal with all those people who have foolish preconceived notions about what she can and cannot do or learn! If there is one thing my little girl has taught me these past months, it's not to underestimate her! Big smiles!