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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

forgotten smiles

as I have gone through this journey...I have realized I have forgotten how much I love smiles...I have been so caught up in what I have thought I have "lost"...which is tiring in itself...this morning I woke up tired and grumpy so in the shower I forced myself to smile...I REALLY like the book Eat Pray Love one of the guru's told Liz to smile from every organ in her body...even her liver...so I have been trying it lately...just smiling to smile...I figure it can't hurt! so with my new addiction to smiling I have stepped back and taken inventory of what I have in front of me...one of the things I love to do is watch my children play...I can watch them for hours playing interacting and exploring there own person...I have watched Max grow into a wonderful boy that is eager for life and full of wonder...today in school they were studying penguins so he dressed like a penguin with layers of clothing to represent blubber...as he waddled to school all I could do was smile...Maddie has discovered sitting on chairs all by herself...when she crawls over to the chair stands up and then sits down the pleasure in her eyes...is unmistakable with pure joy and accomplishment...nothing can take the place of the smile of your own child...I love to watch my kiddos...I am so thankful that they are happy and content in there world...even though this has been a tough couple of years I know that I can continue to make this a happy and safe home...for my kiddos to learn and grow...they truly are my best accomplishment...


  1. I would love to say this made me smile, but in all honesty it brought me to tears...happy tears! I could picture Max waddling into school and the smile on your face, which in turn made me cry. I love how much you love your babies!!!! :)

  2. You need a "like" button like on Facebook. ;-) I know you made ME smile!

  3. Love smiles over here!! Look at those eyelashes that boy has!!