Wednesday, January 5, 2011

its ok...

compare is not something I am suppose to do…I get that…and I cannot say I am surprised…I cannot say I am sad…I am just kind of melancholy…and accepting that this is how it is going to be…he caught her and now passed her…yep the 8 month old that I take care of is…crawling, pulling to stand and now walking with assistance…he is eating ‘big kid” food…and he even chews…yes he picks up food puts it to his mouth, chews it and swallows with no choking or drama…Maddie is choking about once a day or more and is still eating pureed #2 gerber foods or food that I puree…I had a  wonderful 2 week vacation during Christmas so I did not see the little guy…I figured he would be crawling steadily…but not like this…Maddie is still practicing EVERYTHING and shining like a RoCKsTar…she is getting pretty fast at 4 point crawling and she bear crawls sideways…it is very funny…when she pulls to stand she turns around faces whoever and does this little move that screams I am just to cool! She has began doing a little head bobble while jabbering and it is so funny how she has an attitude that does not fit her short stature…today I remembered that I knew this was going to happen…and O well…we have survived much worse then this! Maddie still has the BEST personality of any person I have ever met…she is kind…I can tell because when the little guy cries she tries to console him with  hug…Maddie is very protective…I know this because when he falls down she rushes to see if she can help him --by sitting on him…and my Maddie loves to share…I know this because anytime he has something in his little hands...she takes it away from him and then promptly crawls always as fast as she can! I admit it is hard to watch…but I am glad I have a first row seat…


  1. Maddie is a rockstar! Just remember that she and that little boy are teaching each other SO MUCH every day! Smiles :)

  2. My kids "share" like that, too! LOL!

  3. I love how Maddie is such a good sharer! LOL I think it's good she has someone to watch and learn from...even if he is younger! Maddie is a SMART girl and getting smarter and stronger by the day. Won't be long and they'll both be running around your house! :)