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Friday, August 20, 2010


I was just reading an urgent message about a missing women that “suffers” from Downs Syndrome…I think “suffers” is the WRONG word…Maddie does not “suffer” she is relatively healthy…very happy, curious, spunky…and do I say it -- SMART!! “suffers” is like the “r” word…I would like to have people just pause for one second and think…before they write, speak or input about something they no NOTHING about! Also while I am on my soap box…why is there not a “dislike” button for facebook…people keep on liking a offensive phrase and it has the “r” word in it in reference to tinfoil…and I DISLIKE this intensely…so I just hide the ignorant…I have to get a mammogram… nothing is wrong with me…just getting old! And my blood pressure is high…so lets say this has not been a great week…so they will recheck in 4 weeks after Maddie’s surgery and I have time to adjust…I said to the nurse I hope it gets better but when you have a child born with special needs…you wait for the next ball to drop…

Also they found the missing woman…


  1. Oh, I was just about to say that about them finding the missing woman. Thank goodness, but it sounds like her time away may have been pretty bad... I read about that today, and thought the same thing about their use of the term "suffer." I hate that.
    Hope your blood pressure goes down soon!!

  2. Anyone who has met someone with Down Syndrome would know that they are definately not "suffering"! I have seen that word used a bunch with DS and I think it bothers me as much as the "R" word because it applies that we brought these children into our lives so that they could "suffer" a miserable existence...and nothing could be further from the truth!

  3. I find it highly insulting to know some people would refer to my little boy as "suffering" from Down syndrome! It is every bit as offensive as the "r" word!!
    And I agree there should be a dislike button on facebook, because there are a lot of things I dislike on there...lol
    Sorry to hear you are having a rough week. When is Maddies surgery??

  4. That's like saying I suffer from being blonde. Well maybe I do a little:)