Friday, August 27, 2010

standing relief...

calm has overcome me…I can not explain the relief I feel…I feel 30 pounds lighter and my face is clearing up! these two weeks awaiting the Swallow Study has been the stinks…it is nice to think clearly again and be able to exist in silence…without little voices in my head thinking of all the what ifs…with this behind us…I talked with Maddie’s pediatrician and he agrees with her surgeon that she take the medication for her tummy…I am scared of this medication the side effects are very troublesome…but with the experts telling me it is the best for Maddie we will begin tonight…Maddie is also glad this is behind her …today she tried to pull herself up! Yes to a standing house looks like a obstacle course with huge mats, tunnels, stools, and tables to encourage Maddie to go vertical! her and Max are having a ball!! all smiles for the weekend…


  1. Hooray for vertical!!! You may find that her tummy issues get much better the more vertical she becomes. It was like that with Samantha. She finally stopped throwing up everything she ate once she started walking. Great job, Maddie! (Glad you're able to get a bit of a breather.) :-)

  2. That's awesome that she's pulling to stand! I am happy to hear some of your stress is being relieved!

  3. Oh K, this is great news! Are you seeing an improvement already?