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Monday, August 23, 2010


diarrhea, no appetite, anxious, teary, nervousness, and sleepless nights…its not Maddie it is her mother! I have been exercising like a crazy women trying to be able to get this nervousness out of me and allowing me to sleep… we leave Tuesday night and will have the swallow study done Wednesday morning…by the afternoon we should know if Maddie will have surgery Thursday morning…it will be an intense couple of days…but worth knowing what is up with my buttercup! She is not eating much or drinking much…she is preferring water to all other drinks…so getting her to drink 4oz of milk should be fun! She currently is eating 3 to 4 jars of gerber #2 foods…not much but she is still in good spirits…so if it is a texture problem! we are in trouble…I get this is not a serious exam or surgery...but I am still freaked out! I need to get it together and STOP being a Drama QuEEn!


  1. I had no idea a swallow study could result in surgery. Maybe that is why our doctors are acting like I am taking it too lightly? We have one on Friday.

    Well, best of luck to Maddie (and her momma). I hope you get whatever results you are hoping for! :-)

  2. I freak out when my kids go to the dentist, so I can't even begin to imagine what you've been through Kim. And for pete's sake, feel free to stop by and have lunch or something! I will make you the yummy tacos.

  3. I would be a nervous wreck too Kim, hang in there!
    Thinking of you guys and hoping for the best for Maddie...keep us posted!

  4. What would they do in surgery? Any kind of procedure is a big deal to our kido's. They have small airways and their low muscle tone doesn't help the lungs either!

  5. the surgery is dialating the esphogus...so they will go through the throat and drop something in and make it bigger...it is pretty cool...but she will have to be put under...this is the surgery i am hoping for and no suprises!! smiles

  6. I'll be thinking of you, Maddie and the rest of your family this week. Hope all goes well! Keep us posted. Love, Regina