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Thursday, August 12, 2010

learning n liking...

This week has been CraZY! with scheduling all Maddie’s appointments for her Swallow Study and her surgery if needed…August 25! it has been a tad bit stressful! Plus I have taken on watching a BABY! I am not sure what I was thinking…I thought it would be good for Maddie’s development…and me getting over my fears of “normal” babies…what I have learned is that he may be a full 1 year younger then Maddie --he is just a baby…I like him…but I really like how Maddie is Maddie…I like that she makes life interesting…I like that everyday is a BIG deal and she makes huge strides…I like her smile and laugh…and I like that she makes me learn more then I ever thought I would or could…I like that she makes me think about issues of my own ignorance...and I like that she has effected change in others that she has touched…my Maddie is a RoCKsTar…with a little extra!


  1. Are you guys coming down to Denver for these? If you are, give us a holler-- we'd love to see you if you're able!

  2. :) Maddie is a rock star and I know she'll continue to prove that over and over!!!