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Monday, August 2, 2010

perfect chat...

Humanity has been restored! We went to the castle park today…it is a great park and me and Maddie played on the swings and then found shade…a women approached us and said…”beautiful little girl…mine is 25 years old, lives on her own and works at the senior center”…it took me back a minute…finally I got what she was saying…I talked with her for over an hour…asking questions…listening to her and getting good advice…she told me even at 25 years old she is her daughters biggest advocate…she also said that her daughters social calendar is so busy it is hard to schedule ice cream together…I really needed this chat today…and I needed to be free and feel confident in questions I had for her…questions that I cannot ask a doctor and do not want to…and you cannot read about in a parenting book…because I have not found it! I wanted to know how she handle birth control for her daughter…How she handle pelvic exams…How she handled her daughters menstruation…she answered these questions with confidence and true experience…she told me about her up and down journey of raising a child born with Down Syndrome…about how they have handle her slight dementia…and how her daughter handles her BOYFRIEND!!! How she survived it when her daughter got caught making out with a boy also born with Down Syndrome that is a real ricco suave! She also expressed to me that she has learned more from her daughter then her daughter has learned from her…she told me to celebrate Maddie’s milestones because they are HUGE! And they may come slow but they will come! Her daughters name is Tess…I cannot wait to meet her!


  1. This does sound like the perfect chat, and it came at just the right time. :)

  2. How wonderful!! This definitely made me smile. I'm so glad you got to have that chat.

  3. This is the post that many of us needed to read. :)

    Tess. What a beautiful name!

  4. Chance meetings.....aren't they THE BEST!! So glad that you were able to have some of your questions answered. Sounds like you really did have the "perfect chat"!!

  5. how awesome!! I want to chat with you now and find out everything she said...