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Thursday, August 26, 2010

No Surgery...

That is the GoOD news…the crazy news is that her stomach and esophagus do not push food through fast enough or efficiently…so here comes another medication…one that hopefully, fingers crossed will not be for life! But a couple of years minimal…when the doctor called to set up the medication today she warned me there could be neurological side effects for this drug…that it is very potent and she will take it 3 times per day! but NOT to worry because she has never seen the neurological side effects! Really that does not make me feel better…but I am very happy about not having to put Maddie under or through a surgery…her esophagus is shaped like an hour glass and to small for a cheerio to pass through…so we are to continue purees until ???? and she can handle chewing! she threw up for the speech pathologist during the swallow study…they believe that “bigger” foods may irritate her stomach and esophagus…but that is only a guess…there is only a slight narrowing of the esophagus and very common for TEF/EA babies…it is confirmed Maddie has severe acid reflux so we will continue that medication to help the pain…I am proud of my Maddie! She threw a HUGE fit with screaming, kicking, biting and now has broken blood vessels through out her little face! She is a fighter…Great job Maddie!!

alert: HUgE news she has teeth!! We saw them in an X-Ray!


  1. Good news. Frustrating on the medicine side. I was thinking about you but it was the middle of the night by the time I could send a text.

    Yay Maddie. What a pill!

  2. Wow, thats a lot of information to take in, your head must just be spinning sometimes, I can see how you might feel overwhelmed every now and then...I am glad Maddie doesnt need surgery, but that sucks having to take another medication...I hope it eventually helps with her problems with food and stuff.
    And thats awesome to hear about the teeth!!

  3. Aww poor thing. I'm glad though that you have some answers. Hope that the medicine helps her and you can relax a little.

  4. I'm so glad you don't have to worry about surgery on top of everything else! I hope the new meds do the trick and little maddie can start eating and drinking without pain and discomfort!

  5. I'm relieved, too, that Maddie will not be going through surgery. I feel so badly for her as severe acid reflux is painful. Hopefully, the right meds will ease it up for her!