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Friday, August 6, 2010

Marvelous Maddie…

So Maddie continues to be amazing…she is drinking out of a straw cup! with no squeeze! hOLy CRaP!! I did not want to tell in fear she would stop…and she is still clapping and sitting up…and last but not least crying to get us to pick her up!! ImmEDiatEly…not in a minute…not in a -- I need to walk over there…NOW!!! we HAVE to pick her up and carry her every where we go…gone are the days of me doing anything alone…I am not complaining I have waited for this day! and it is here…my shadow has arrived and I LUV it!

fyi: BIG Doctors visits Monday -- Heart and Surgeon...hoping for no change :)


  1. Rock on Maddie!!! You've been one busy little girl this last couple of weeks...keep up the GREAT work!!!

    Good luck on Monday, I'll be sending "no change" thoughts your way!

  2. What a fun, happy post. Isn't it cool to know she WANTS and NEEDS you NOW! :-) I know, it's bittersweet. But that's communication right there... she's telling you what she wants and you're giving it to her. I call that a huge success. Great job on the straw, too. That's HUGE! Good luck MOnday!

  3. Maddie rocks!
    Sending prayers for your appointments on Monday.

  4. This is MARVELOUS! Good luck with the doctor visit!