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Friday, July 16, 2010

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Would you NOT rather have your child grow up to be a drug dealer then a drug addict? This was said on the Stephen Cobert last night and it took me off guard and made me pause…because it is so true! Of course I rather my child became neither…but if those were my two choices the dealer seems more resourceful…I am not sure why but this got me thinking of Maddie…and her being born with Down Syndrome…statistically it is highly unlikely she will become a drug addict or dealer…so that is the good news! This just brings up the obvious when having a child with special needs…I am not sure of anything…but then again I am not sure of anything regarding Max…this is the difficult part of parenting…the unknown…we know what we want for our children…we want more for them then we had as children…this where I struggle with Maddie…will I ever do enough for her…will I ever give her the opportunities she needs…instead of thinking I know what she SHOULD want…the other day I was watching Forrest Gump…I love this show but this time watching it …took on a whole new meaning…I told Chad if Maddie can have the life that Forrest Gump had …she will have lived a full life! He was able to run when people said no…he was able to love…even if it was from a distance…he was an athlete (ping pong!)…he was able to become very wealthy self reliant…and even become a parent…but best of all he was a GREAT son…I guess life is just like a box of chocolates…you never know what you are going to get!


  1. I remember when I first found out for sure that Gabriel would have Down syndrome -- it was November 2004 when I was in my 21st week of pregnancy. I was completely devastated.

    The second or third night, (night time was my worst times when trying to come to terms with it), I was crying on the telephone with my sister who was a new mother at that time.

    She said something to me that made me realize what you're talking about in this post. She said to me that there was no guarantees that her baby daughter would grow up without having something happen to her that would be the same of what I feared for Gabriel. She also pointed out that I didn't know all of the good stuff in life that could happen for our son either.

    Truly, we don't know what is in store for our children, with and without special needs. We can only live, day by day, and hope that we give them enough heart, knowledge and love so that they choose happiness as many times as they can. :)

  2. When people ask what Claire will be able to do later in life my standard answer is you never know what anyone will do. Having a typical child doesn't guarantee a 'successful' child and I think it's good for us to remember this too. :)

  3. Great post and so true... you just never know what you're going to get. Enjoy life!