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Saturday, July 31, 2010

miles 4 stones...

Milestones…what are they really? It is intense to think about how much I obsess about milestones…I am very aware of what needs to happen and the order in which milestones need to occur…and I am also aware of the delays that are upon us…when Maddie rolled over it was amazing…I would have never imagined that rolling would be her main route of transportation…her OT tells me…its good! She is rolling with purpose! When she began to move forward it was so slow and weird…I had never seen anything like it…it has evolved to a full army crawl that seems very hard and not well coordinated…she tries so hard…she gets going with her arms…one over the other… her poor elbows good thing she has padding! She will pike up her legs to a full upside down V and then her little toes join in…her little toes I swear do most of the work…I have began to wonder if that is why they are webbed so she can get more push out of them! Her crawling is coming along…but she hates squatting and kneeling and of course that is what we have to work on the most! So she is very irritated at me most of the time! But in my head I have the milestone police cheering us on! Milestones are daunting and heartbreaking…so when Maddie began sitting steady on her own…I thought it would be a couple of weeks and she would sit up on her own…not so much…weeks turned into months…. I did noticed with every week her core getting stronger…she was gradually sitting more erect and less with her arms and hands propping her…. for about a month she was close to getting to the sitting position herself…and even transitioning to laying down with ease instead of a throw down and knocking her head…it was funny when I would see her in the side pre-sit I would run over and grab her leg so she would sit up…. but then she would give me a dirty look as if I had messed up her life! But then she just did it…with her OT cheering her on…it was amazing I got the video camera and it was truly overwhelming…. I was so proud of her…I can not explain the pride I felt the heartwarming emotion that over came me…I was in tears…all for her sitting up…I told everyone…I texted, I called, I blogged, everyone that walked through my door had to watch the big event…I was scared that I was going to have a let down to her sitting up…you know when you get a BIG rush you have the cooling off period…it did not happen this time…because Maddie clapped her hands…it was just as wonderful as her sitting up on her own…funny it was 5 days ago when she sat up on her own and everyday I think will she do it today again…and she has…yesterday she even sat up just because she wanted to…not because I prompted her…so this week is in the record books…my baby can sit up on her own and she can clap her hands…I am not sure what is next and today I just do not care…because we have put the milestone pestering to bed…we rest Sunday and begin again!


  1. Enjoy and celebrate all she's done. I know as soon as Bennett accomplishes something, I'm looking for the next thing but I think we just need to let them bask in their glory for a bit before we start pushing them again;)

  2. Oh good job Maddie...I would love to see the video, I bet it's so cute!

  3. So happy for you and especially Maddie! It truly is an amazing feeling when they finally reach that milestone because WE know how hard it was to get there!