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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Mommy makeover…this is funny to me…someone yesterday mentioned it to me…and I guess I have never heard of it before…I am not sure if I would ever do it…but I sure do need it! after I had Maddie I thought all the weight would fall off and my hair and skin would be as glowing as when I was pregnant…that of course was not the case…but in this year I have gotten back on track with exercising but not as consistent as I would prefer…and the reasons have changed immensely…after Max I exercised for perceived beauty and a thin body….now I exercise and eat good for my mental health and to live a long life for Maddie…to be able to help her as she gets older and challenges she may face…I am a very self conscious person…and it was exacerbated when I did not produce a “normal” child…in this year I have worked on that self doubt and self loathing…I have a perfect little girl and I would not be pleased if she picked up on her mothers insecurities…I would hate for her to have a poor self image…and even worse if I was the cause of her self doubt…I watch other women and I always think…that was me a long time ago…so put together so fashion forward…now I am a stay in my house mom…it is a wonderful gig…and I have made a huge step by telling my hair cutter that I could commit to doing my hair and getting it colored and cut every couple months…last year at this time that was not an option…I guess I am going to be ok…baby steps…and one moment at a time…


  1. I could have wrote this post myself! Thats a little of how I have felt lately. Its easy for me to lose myself a little amongst all the many things I do in a day...I know I need to try to make taking care of myself a priority.
    Great post!

  2. I've been good about looking girly and doing my hair, but i need to get on my eliptical. Then maybe I will feel better about myself if I lose a few pounds!

  3. I am trying to be a little more girlie too...and more feminine and work out more. It's quite hard to even think about when you go nonstop. I am getting my hair highlighted for the 1st time in a YEAR next week. Needless to say, my roots have seen better days ;)

  4. I've got the hair and makeup part down...now I just need to get my butt in gear and start exercising. It's one of those things I think about everyday and then the next thing I know the day is over! Maybe once Sutter likes the stroller a little more we can at least take long walks. Must admit, I have thought about a tummy tuck more than once.....

    PS~Yes, there were blueberry puffs in the mesh feeder Sutter was chewing on. It was our first attempt and he did ok.