Sunday, July 25, 2010

Do we live to our Label...

we live up to our label...I heard this the other day and it has been eating at me ever since…I have thought about my life and the labels I have been given…I have lived up to them…and sometimes I have defied them…. sometimes I excepted them…and other times I just ignored them…Chad is teaching summer school and as I have discussed this with him…he agreed about the kiddos he is working with have been living and not exceeding there labels…I think of Max and the labels he has been given…smart, quick witted, strong, funny, strong willed, and rambunctious…when he does not live up to these labels we tell him to use his brain…we challenge him in knowledge and strength and try to encouraged his free will and spirit…in spite of this not always being a strength! And then there is Maddie…and the labels that have been given to her…I will not list all of the labels that doctors and society has bestowed on her…this afternoon I picked up the book and read Gifts again for the third time…this time was different…this time I heard different messages and I was not so busy looking to connect to every story but I tried to learn something from each family…this time I realized each story had a similar theme…a theme of deifying LABELS…each mom said that there child with the extra chromosome had defied the odds of survival and potential…so today Maddie has some new labels and I cannot wait to see what she WILL exceed and defy…


  1. You are so right. Maddie is such a cutie, and I bet she is going to blow you away with just how many of society's labels she ignores, and how many wonderful things she does.

  2. Funny, I was just thinking about those things the other day, labels and potential and stuff. I still have yet to read a book about Down syndrome...I have heard other people say the book, Gifts, is really good too. I need to pick it up one day.

  3. Oh the labels, I hate labels! I can't wait to see what our kids will do and how people's mouths will drop to the floor. Because our kids will do things that DS kids supposedly don't do. Oh labels!