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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Stay on Today...

I have been down lately…but today I decided to change that…we went up to the mountain and took a hike and had a picnic…it was just what I needed…something’s I thought long and hard about while walking through the wildflowers and dancing trees…is I am thankful I have Maddie…I am thankful that I am getting to watch her grow, learn, and smile…I know that life is fleeting and not a guarantee…so my days of looking ahead are put to bed and cherishing every moment is back in…this is easier said then done…it is also very taxing to stay in the moment and not let my mind wonder…by nature I am a daydreamer…so I have to figure a way I can daydream about this day…not week…that is still to much in the future…you see Maddie will one day amaze me and the next day act as if she has never done it before…my goal for this week is not to get frustrated and down when Maddie is not performing as I think she should…she so wants to be a big girl…I can tell with her new glasses she sees everything and wants to feed herself…she is now putting everything in her mouth…and her hands are very quick...problem is she cannot physically eat…she has no teeth and her tube to her tummy is just not big enough for solid food…so I feel I am inhibiting her from accomplishing a monumental milestone of self feeding because I am so scared for her to choke…we go to the doctor in a few weeks…and hopefully much needed help….for the time being I will  focus on what we need to accomplish in regards to milestones to the present…bearing weight on her legs, 4 point crawling, and sucking out of a straw…and leave the driving, college, and marriage to another day…


  1. Oh, I am so with you. I have to remind myself all the time not to think too much about tomorrow because tomorrow will take care of itself. I am also a daydreamer and a planner and there is just so much unpredictability with our little ones...but then isn't there with every child, I find myself thinking that a lot lately.

  2. Yes, we are going to focus on this day, these joys.

    Those pony tails are so cute. Does she let you do that or do you have to wrestle her? As for starting solids... what about Happy Baby Puffs... they are "hard" but melt away so she can't choke on them but can get some experience gumming and moving food around her mouth. The apple ones and the banana ones are yummy. We get them at ToysRUs or BabiesRUS.

    You know who didn't get teeth until she was 15 months old, and then it was a molar... so don't wait for teeth because you never know when they will get here.

  3. I am a day dreamer too and I have a very hard time focusing on the moment. Lucas has definitely taught me to live in the moment and not think too far in the future. But of course there are "those" days that just get me down too.

  4. I loved your pics on FB, Kimberly! Everyone needs those treks through (with?) nature to put everyday life into perspective. I hope you get answers to solve Maddie's self feeding determination because it is SO great that she wants to do this!!! Also, she may be compensating for her vision delay by "testing" everything orally. Children gather TONS of information about their surroundings by doing this. It's not necessarily a bad thing unless she's mouthing unsafe things, of course. I'm so happy that having glasses has taken Maddie's development to another level because it won't be long before you have that explosion of pulling up, cruising, and then walking. It happens so quickly!

  5. I hear ya... sometimes it's just so hard to do!