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Friday, May 21, 2010

PreTTy in PiNK...

HUGE steps towards independence in my home!! Last night Maddie went to sleep in her own room! and Max slept in his own bed! DELIGHT!! It has been 4 years since Chad and I have NOT had a child in our bed…at one point I was sleeping with Maddie and Chad was sleeping with Max…in separate rooms and beds…so the decision was made and we followed through with it…it was great…no fits…hardly any tears…even more wonderful I got to finally buy a cute little bed and cute pictures and cute curtains for Maddie’s room…before Maddie was diagnosed with Down Syndrome I did a little nursery…and after her diagnosis I bought nothing for her…I even barrowed a car seat from a friend…I just was so scared that Maddie was not going to come home with us from the hospital…the diagnosis was enough…I did not a whole bunch of pink around reminding me of what could have been…so now…I have a prima grin! It is all pink and sooo CuTE! I love it…now I am looking for cute shoes for my little princess…


  1. Woohoo! Good for you all! And I'm sure her room is fan-tast-ic! And I bet she loves it, too!

    We're having extreme difficulties finding shoes small enough for Piper's teeny toes- if you're having the same problem, let me know. I've been able to find hard soled tennies, fancy dress shoes, and sandals that go down to size 0. All princess, of course, need an array of appropriate foot apparel, after all... :)

  2. Lucky! Lucas is still in our bedroom and looks like it's going to be a while! As for shoes, I love pedipeds.

  3. Just looking at Maddies pictures you can tell pink totaly suits her...she is a sweetheart :)

  4. Oh I'm so jealous! I start out in my bed and usually end up in Gabe's.

    Pink is just so wonderful! Maddie suits pink very well.♥

  5. Go Maddie!!! You're a big girl now!!!!!

  6. Awww..would love to see pics! I expected two more boys when I had the girls so to decorate in pink was and still is a lot more fun than I had expected! Maddie is such a sweet baby girl.