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Friday, May 28, 2010

great and not so...

  Lab results came back…Maddie is negative on celiac so the doctor...said we will check it next year! YeAH for that!! then the news I knew…her thyroid is not working properly…so she is on medication for the rest of her life…so know it is time to research everything on this subject…and just handle it…I was ok when the Doctor got on the line to talk with me…because I knew as soon as I got him on the transfer…that her thyroid was not behaving nicely!
  Yesterday was a GrEaTday…we took the kiddos to the park and let the fire fighters spray water them with the fire hose…it was wonderful to see Max smile and play…he has such a great smile…Maddie chilled on my back and took it all in…in the crowd of kiddos I saw a little girl…a cute little girl…with blonde hair…and she appeared to have the same extra chromosome as Maddie…she was so fun to watch…so unique -- but not…she was smiling, running, jumping, laughing she was so perfect…she was just like all the other kids…I loved her…and I cried like a baby…when she got knocked down…I wanted to help her and protect her…but her parents let her be…like every other child there…they encouraged her to get up…and run and laugh…I love to learn from other parents…I love to watch the love that her older brother showed her…he wrapped her up in a towel…and just held her…this was a 12 year old loving on his sister in front of his friends…and all I could think…is someday this will be Maximus loving on his Maddie…


  1. Awww, that brought tears to my eyes. How incredibly sweet for you to have witnessed that moment between brother and sister. How awesome the parents let her get up and handle a simple fall, after all, we can't always be everywhere and our kids need to learn to shrug off some stuff. Sorry to hear Miss Maddie needs thryoid meds, but soooo grateful she doesn't have to deal with celiac disease.

  2. Great story! You are dealing with the thyroid thing better than I did. I was a little freaked out about "lifelong" meds, but the reality is that it is no big deal. (like most things I'm afraid of:) I just crush it up in a bite of applesauce and give it to him with breakfast.

  3. So sweet, I love these kind of experiences!

  4. Oh that sounds like a great time to see other parents with their children. I have no idea about thyroid with our children. I do know that for adults there are option such as natural. You may want to touch base with a NP if it really bothers you. Anyways best of luck. Hugs

  5. Sorry about Maddie's thyriod, does she really have to be on medication from here on out? I have been trying to look info up on it. Russell is due for his retests soon, it makes me nervous.
    I liked you sharing that story at the end of the boy and his sister. I hope other people will see that when they watch my kids with Russell. Our children are so lucky, I think they will learn a love and compasion and tenderness that other children may never quite experience.
    I have to say that EVERY time I open your blog your picture at the top makes me smile, love it!