Monday, May 24, 2010

not sure...

“she wont know any better”…really…these 5 words are as offensive as the “R” word…I am always surprised at who says those words to me…I am surprised because it usually is someone that is educated…I always give the same disappointed look…and I am quick to tell them…that it could not be farther from the truth…. I have read articles of kiddos born with Down Syndrome that they have written on there own and that they have experienced explaining how it feels to hear these words… or how it feels if they are standing there when the “R” word is used…I choose not to watch the ABC “what would you do”…I was not sure what the point was…I am a mother of that person…I think a big “F” you would be said to them…not pretty I know…but I am not PC…I do know that the longer I have thought about the judgments about my daughter…I have realized I must equip HER with the tools and words…to do the right thing FOR HER! not the right thing for me…so I have not figured out the words are yet or a plan...I guess I will know when the time comes…
today Maddie went to the doctor…for her “one” year old check up…with Max I was excited to see how much he grew…for Maddie I am nervous of the results… we will have the results for her thyroid and possible celiac by the end of this week…fingers crossed…


  1. "She won't know any better" is a horrible misjudgement! Have you really heard this more than once? Miss Maddie will sure show them, though! You are your daughter's best and strongest advocate right now, until she's old enough to advocate for herself.

    Good luck with her test results! I thought celiac couldn't be diagnosed until kids were older, though, like 2 or 3...?

  2. Aaarghh...I have had something similar to that said to me about Russell, and this person was a health care professional!! I was furious! This same person also refered to Down Syndrome as a "disease!" Yeah, she almost won a punch in the face from me!! I try very hard to be patient, but honestly I just think if people dont know what they are talking about maybe they shouldnt open their mouths! I havent seen that ABC special...I cant bring myself to watch it...I think it would hurt me to much. Everything is still to fresh and new for really is to bad there are so many ignorant cruel people in this world. Makes me glad to have Russell, he has a pure beautiful innocent soul, and I get to be in his presence everyday :)
    Hope Maddies tests go good too...Russell is due for all his next month!