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Thursday, May 6, 2010

me cynical....nooooo

think before I speak…tact….assertiveness …bitchy…blunt…things I have been working on…in addition to being ok with the whole triple crown…and not comparing Maddie to other children…so with that I went to a birthday party…for a little girl…and it was a lovely party…but it was really to much for me at one time! with my whole life and attitude change…Maddie was of course adorable…and so why is it that I felt the need to tell a women I have not seen in 20 years…that my baby was born with Down Syndrome…because that just lets the floods gates open for her story of the friend of a friend that knows someone with Down Syndrome! wont make that mistake again…and I love the person…with the head cocked slightly with a hint of ahhh in her tone…and the staple comment of…because of Maddie…Max will be compassionate, sensitive, and caring…REALLY…because I like to think he would have been all those things…because I am an amazing mom and Chad shows those traits to all of us on a daily basis! I know that Down Syndrome has yet to make me more compassionate, sensitive or caring…the term “Down Syndrome” has made me…angry, selfish, pissed…and cynical…I promise I am staying positive! REALLY


  1. Nothing pissed me off more in the beginning than some one looking at me all sympathetic and then telling me in a pathetic whisper that they knew some one with Ds or had seen some one with Ds once! I actually kept myself away from people for a long time just so I wouldnt be tempted to smack anyone! I know people are just trying to be nice but it still hurts me when they dont even know Russell and they just assume he is only happy and easy going all of the time just because he has down syndrome.
    People suck...LOL...thats me just trying to be positive :)

  2. I remember one of my first visits in Baby Gap, WITH my baby, for a change. Up until then, I'd browse the sale racks, pre-pregnancy (we tried for a long time to have a successful pregnancy) and then while I was pregnant.

    Especially during my first year of momhood to Gabe, I was compelled to tell strangers who made a fuss over Gabe that he has Down syndrome. I don't know why I did this, but I did.

    During the store visit, I confessed about Gabe having Ds, and then the sales associate said, "Oh, I'm sorry." I truly sensed her pity. I replied to her that she needn't feel sorry for Gabe at all. That was the first time I ever did that. I actually said something...

  3. I hate the "I know someone with Ds" stories...

  4. Happy Mother's Day to a marvelous mom!

  5. I understand completely. I no longer feel the need to explain anything to anyone unless they ask. Really it does open up the flood gates and I get tired of it too.

    Jennifer Graff Groneberg talked this very topic in her book, Roadmap to Holland.

    It does sound that inspite of that specific moment - you had a good time. I'm glad!!!

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