Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I like her...

I received the best compliment I could have ever gotten...I had someone tell me that Maddie looks like me…I am not sure why I was so taken with this statement…but I remember thinking that Maddie and I would not look like each other…then she came out with DARK hair…not blonde like I was expecting…I thought that hope of mother and daughter sharing the same looks/features were dashed…I look very much like my mother and my dad always tells me how I remind him of her…and my looks and gestures are very much like hers…this person even commented that she also has the same “f” you look…I like that she will be my little shadow…last night she got all ready for bed…and Max decided to take a shower…so Maddie squealed an threw herself almost out of my arms…like she does when she wants something…and just had to take a bath…very funny how she is so different then I expected…how she is so much like me and very similar to Max when he was this age…she is becoming the daughter I have always wanted…and I like that…


  1. I am so happy for you. She will amaze you every single day. just wait!

  2. Honestly I always thought she looked like you too :) Thats neat you are seeing a little of your personality in her. My youngest daughter definatly has mine, she can be a little scarey and antisocial...ha ha...but Russell is all Brad, easy going and laid back...and that definatly doesnt come from me! Maddie is going to be EXACTLY the daughter you want and need! She is a beauty!

  3. Awww, I like that, too! Funny, when my Greta came out with red hair, my older daughter (then 5 1/2) cried her eyes out cuz she didn't look like her (blonde). I have a mini-me and a fiery redhead, but they're both awesome. Maddie does look like you... just like I think John Michael looks most like his older sis, Anna. Anyway, Maddie is BEAUTIFUL!