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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

She is...

Yesterday I described Maddox as happy and easy going then I said…”that is so cliché” …I really hate when I describe her that way….silly thing is…she is…she is probably the best baby I have ever met…she is nice…she is calm…she is happy…she is smiley…she is lovie…she is cute…she is funny…she is very vocal…she loves to give raspberries…she only cries when she gets hurt…not when she is tired or hungry…just hurt physical or feelings…I have a hard time with this because I seem to want to make her different then the stereotypical Down Syndrome person…I seem to think she is going to grow out of this phase and become pissed at the world…however, if I hear one more time…”being this temperament will serve her well for her condition”…I will FREAK!!


  1. Eon is, too. Personally, I don't understand why we don't want our kids to be that way. I love that he is my easiest baby, yet. I do, however, cringe when people tell me how those with Ds are "always so happy". Ugh. And, yet, if he were, why would that be a bad thing? I think I'm conflicted. :)

  2. Summer is my easiest baby... and yet she has a very strong personality (a nice way of saying she is very stubborn and can get really mad about certain things :-) She is not always happy but she does often seem content and peaceful, two very good traits to have in life. I hope she never grows out of those characteristics and I don't care if people think she's "always happy"... what do they know anyway!

    I think people say the "always happy" thing because that is the only good part about Ds that they can recognize (b/c they don't have enough of a close relationship with a person with Ds to see all the other good things about it.) So when I hear that, I just let it roll off because I know that it is an ignorant statement.

    And I'd rather have "happy" and "easygoing" over colicky anyday!