Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bounce Baby Bounce...

Maddox LOVES the johnny jumper! She loves to bounce bounce bounce…then she falls asleep…I am not horrible and leave her in it forever…but with in minutes she goes night night…unless one of the kiddos is playing with her…she is sooo funny! She has been sticking her head way up in the air and doing this lip quiver...her arms are straight and she looks just like a sweet baby seal! She also has begun scooting on her chest and belly with a hitching motion…it is awesome! Yes I am bragging! This week has been HUGE for her milestone…I think I am most excited about her FINALLY opening her mouth to take a bite of food! yes she is still covering me in food with her raspberries…but I think that is her second language…all we need now is a helmet so she does not get hurt!

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