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Monday, December 28, 2009

Aquariums, Doctors, and Dinosaurs…

We just had a quick trip to Denver…the aquarium was wonderful and Maddie and Max loved it…Max loves touching the (sea creatures) sting rays…Maddie loved all the people and all the action in the big tanks…the doctors visit was par for the course of this journey with Maddox…her hole in the heart was miss measured and it is bigger then the doctors thought…and now it is a wait and see game…the doctor said it was in a great place to do it arthroscopy so this is good news…I guess! Her surgeon for her esophagus is concerned of stricture so it is a wait and see for the next week…if she stops throwing up…we will not have to have her esophagus dilated at this time…good thoughts! Otherwise we go through this all again in a couple of months! The museum was GREAT we saw dinosaurs and a Imax movie “sea monsters” it ROCKED…Maddie was trying to eat the scenes in the movie…it was very nice to see her enjoy the things Max and Daddy really love…more good times to come in the new year!


  1. Good, healthy vibes your way mama.
    Was the aquarium super crowded? We were there when it was wall-to-wall and the only thing Arielle dug is the tiger. She still talks about it!

  2. Thanks for passing by my blog. I'm glad we made you smile.

    I'm so glad you had a good time at the Aquarium.

    I'm praying for you and Maddox. I promise. xox Good news; a good report to come your way. Many blessings.

    Happy New Year.