Friday, December 18, 2009

to be 4...

To be a 4 year old…can you imagine being able to scream on impact…turn off your ears to suit you…make up stories…have imaginary poop in a diaper and pee on the lawn…to drink chocolate milk constantly and make it somehow ok to eat chicken nuggets for breakfast, lunch and dinner…to run from the time your feet hit the ground and play as hard as you can till you fall over for nap…which you hate because you are so big! but not big enough to take off own shoes, put on a coat, or find anything you happen to be looking for…for having to dump everything out of a box…throw everything around and then not be able to pick it up…and yes I could probably change all of these behaviors an then he would not be Maximus…


  1. I'm exhausted reading your post! LOL! To have that energy again...sigh...Gabe is so anti-nap that by 4 pm everyday, I am truly ready to poke my eye out with a fork. BUT by 7:30-ish he's blissfully asleep. And usually I'm well on my way to be by then too. LOL!

  2. And we love him because he is almost perfect!!!