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Sunday, February 20, 2011

very nice...

somedays I am overwhelmed by how far my Maddie has come...she went from slim hope...to conquering our world....Maddie is 2 years old in 2 months...
Maddie days old...after surgery...and many tubes removed
home and so sweet

starting to be mobile

beginning to sit up

sitting STRAIGHT up

climbing and sitting...Maddie wins!

and now we look forward to many more things...but most of all being FULLY mobile...walking, talking, and a autonomous Maddie...


  1. Yay mama. So proud to know you. You are an amazing mother to both kids, and to other kids, too. You show me awesomeness all the time. XOXO

  2. My goodness look how far she's come! I can't believe she's getting so close to being the BIG 2!!! Can't wait to see what she'll conquer in the next year!

  3. LOved seeing these pictures of Maddie, she sure has come a long way. She was just adorable from the start, she has the cutest little face, I just love it!!

  4. Oh look at that sweet baby Maddie!! So sweet!

  5. She is SOOOO beautiful. YAY Maddie! Keep it comin'! :) BIG smiles to you today! :)

  6. I love seeing all her pictures. I love the second one! I can't believe she's almost 2!!