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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Maddie's small stuff...

Maddie on STRIKE!
Maddie is 21 months today! I know huge...at 21 months she will self feed two things...Cheetos's and peanut butter...and that is it...she does not dip the spoon in the peanut butter...just holds the spoon with peanut butter placed on the spoon...but for my Maddie this is a huge thing...I am so proud of her how she holds her straw cup and can self drink...Maddie is not walking...but she is using her walker more and more...she hates shoes and will not walk with shoes on...this is where I struggle...I do not push Maddie...I do not make her do things that she does not want to....Maddie tends to go on sitting strikes...and will not stand for anything...when you go to pick her up she stays in the sitting position....she also likes to go on eating strikes...she loves not opening her mouth and not eating until I find the special something that she will open her mouth for...she just turns away from me and sucks her thumb...in great annoyance with me....I am not sure why she hates to eat...I do not know if it is uncomfortable...I do not know if the Raglan is working...Maddie will be 2 years old soon...and she may be walking by then...but I know she will not be eating by then...birthdays are hard for me...hard to say my Maddie is almost 2 years old...of course I love the party and the celebration...but then there is a reality to the birthday...in the back of my head I know what she should be doing...but she is not...and she will not catch up...she will just get it when she gets it....Maddie can communicate with us...and her OT's but not with others...there is no way someone out of the blue could understand her signing or her verbiage...on the other hand I am so proud of my little girl...she is amazing how she can self play...she plays with cars, dolls, balls, she role plays, and she loves to dance and laugh...Maddie is so much more then a 2 year old...a number...Maddie smiles and sings to wake up and she giggles when she goes to sleep...Maddie is so mature in so many areas...but those are the areas that are not measured in an IEP....Maddie's ability to problem solve is crazy good...she does not give up...and she knows how to ask for help...Maddie may not walk, talk or eat...but she can get where she needs and wants to go, she can point, look and grunt to communicate and she will always eat ice cream and chocolate...


  1. That's the hard thing about those scoring tests. Our kiddos can do so much, many things which can't be measured on tests. Which is why I don't usually want to get an age of how Claire is doing. We know how are kids are doing, and Maddie is doing fabulous!

  2. I absolutely LOVE the new header and the pictures of Maddie. She is SOOOO beautiful. And I love that she loves cheetos and PB and ice cream. A kid after my own heart. I love Ms. Maddie!

  3. What a cutie, I can't believe our girls are approaching the 2 year mark...look how far they have come!

  4. Such a cute picture of her sucking her thumb!! Love the boots too! You know, its on Russells monthly birthdays that I get a little anxious, a little sad, cause thats when it hits me exactly how old he is and what he is not yet doing...And just like you I realize my child IS doing GREAT overall...Its just every now and then those moments do hit.
    I cant believe Maddie is comin up two!!

  5. Um, Maddie is WAY too cute...her looks alone would let her get away with just about anything she wanted in my house! Maddie will eat, maybe not when by the time she turns 2, but she will eat and until then there's always ice cream and PB...the staples if you ask me! "Those" tests mean very little to me, they are so inaccurate and measure very little. What someone see's an hour a week is NOT what Sutter or Maddie is fully capable of! Maddie is doing awesome and turning into such a beautiful, smart little girl! :)