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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

this to shall pass....

to say I was not a tad bit taken back…would be a lie…and to say that I am not sad…would also be a lie…I am not jealous and I am not envious…because my Maddie has a personality that is non stop fun, happiness, and smiles…so I guess that will trump the fact that she does not talk with any clarity or any real sense…she talks to me with a lot of attitude and pitch and I like to THINK that I know what she is saying…but clearly I do not…so today when the little guy I take care of that is 9 months almost 10 months old started talking with clarity and understanding of the items he was looking at…I was taken back and sad…but then Maddie came crawling out with a mouth full of toilet paper and a honey jar and I knew that we would just have to get through this phase to…I am at calm with the fact Maddie is not walking and I know as soon as she does…no one will ask when she took those first steps….and as she begins to babble/talk and as soon as she gets some words under her belt I hope it will also be a memory…amazing as it may be…I do not remember very well how hard we had to work for her to hold a spoon…I do not remember how hard we worked for her to sit or crawl…but I know it took awhile and some tears…so I know this will also pass….Chad said something very nice and comforting the other night…he said with Max we rushed…we rushed everything…and now he is 5 years old and wants to be 6…he is calling 911 at not so appropriate times and he is going to all day kindergarten in a few months…so Chad said with Maddie he has enjoyed every moment of her being in this infant like stage…I agree to a point…I have not enjoyed myself as much as Chad…he has seen Maddie as a true love and pinnacle of his life…I have seen Maddie as an “oh my gosh” for most of her 2 short years…but slowly I am coming around and enjoying her more and more…today we sat and cuddled…she sucked her thumb and played with my hair…and I felt her heart beat…and I loved that she is mine…


  1. *tears* (not in a bad way)......thanks for always writing with such honesty, Kim!! Yes, this too shall pass!

  2. Yes, you will miss these times soon enough. :-) Cherish these moments. Thank you for this, and as Kelly said, thank you for writing with such honesty.

  3. I long for the words...above all else I want the words! I love the funny things Landon said and says and I can't help but hope, wish and pray that Sutter will do the same. I know I'll have to wait a little longer, but I want the words!

    One day Maddie will be talking and you won't care how long it took...all you'll care about is what she's saying at that moment! :)

  4. Ahhh...my heart simply ached to go home and hold Kaetlyn with this post. Well said. Well said.

  5. "I loved that she is mine"...beautiful words!
    When I look at my older kids sometimes I realize just how fast it all went by and I am treasuring the fact that Russell is still my baby...And that this slowed down version is not so very bad...I feel I missed out on a lot of things with my older kids, always rushing them on to the next phase in their lives...And with Russell there just is no rushing and the only thing to do is sit back and enjoy it...And soon enough he will be doing everything they all did and like you said I probably wont remember all the work put into it.
    Loved this post :)

  6. Thats one thing I love with my DS kids. They stay in the baby stage longer, my favorite stage!