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Monday, February 28, 2011

princess what...

Dear Maddie,

You are a princess…born from a queen! we do not SPIT…we just don’t… we do not think it is funny and we certainly do not play in it…we do not spit from the chair…we do not spit in others hair…we do not spit here or there…we do not spit anywhere!

because you are a princess…

when others in the room pass gas…we do not laugh! and as for you…we do not hold our breath till a FART comes out…then laugh and giggle like there is no tomorrow!

because you are a princess…

I get you like to TALK all day and night…in your sleep and when you eat…but mommy needs to hear the voices in her head…so please please be quiet and go to bed…

Love Mom


  1. Hahahaha!! Love this!!

    Btw, can Maddie come teach Samantha how to spit? It's useful stuff for brushing teeth, y'know?

  2. You made me laugh! Great post. Kisses to the Princess Maddie and a hug to the Queen.

  3. Funny stuff there mom. :)
    Can a princesses pick their noses? Mine do.

  4. How funny. j likes to spit already. sigh.

  5. If you figure out how to make her stop spitting let me know...I'm about out of patients for the spitting in this house. Landon taught Sutter and now they both do it ALL DAY LONG!!!!! Makes drinking, eating certain things and taking liquid meds a little difficult! :)

  6. You could write for Dr Suess - love it !