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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

perfection all wrapped up...

Today I was inspected by the health department…they do it every year unannounced…it is good…I am taking care of other peoples kiddos…so the lady comes in and is trying to place where she knows me and then asks who was just here…not sure why that was her business…but I will give a little…I tell her it was Maddie’s OT…she looks at Maddie for a while and then says…”ooh I see it now”…who says that? I wanted to say what do you see? do you see a beautiful human…do you see a person that is going to change the world? do you see a healthy inquisitive child…what is it that  people see when they see my Maddie? do they see perfection wrapped in a little package… I am not sure what they can see by looking at my child a presumed stereo type or ignorance that has been pasted down from generations…I am sure everyone says…oh my goodness that little human is the cutest, happiest, loving child I have ever laid eyes on…I am just waiting for someone to thank me for letting them be in the presence of flawlessness…last year after this type of comment I would have cried, texted Chad, and blogged…this year I giggled…I thought how I feel sorry for people that just do not get it…people who think they know…people who think they are smart and they just look like fools…fools for not thinking before they speak….my life has different meaning then it did a couple of years ago…Maddie has shown me that the house I live in and the car I drive is not important…that money in the bank and lots of vacations can not give me anything…so when you see Maddie just think to yourself…how lucky those parents are…and just one time I wish someone would say wow you and Chad did good! Y’all sure make some magnificent kiddos!


  1. What a dingbat! I agree, who says that kind of stuff? Fuming...

    But I loved this post - you said it so perfectly!! "I am just waiting for someone to thank me for letting them be in the presence of flawlessness..." Too right!

  2. off the subject but wow that pic of Maddie in the purple shirt- she looks like such a big girl!!

  3. Well, it may not be coming from an unbiased source but..."wow you and Chad did good! Y’all sure make some magnificent kiddos!" I feel so priveleged to be among the mothers that can truly see what is in front of them, and just like you I also feel sorry for them when others can't, they are really missing something.

  4. I dont even know why some one would bother to say something like that! I am still at the point where things like this hurt me...I hope someday I can get over being so sensitive to stupid comments.
    On another note, you and Chad DO make some beautiful kids!!

  5. I call it verbal diarrhea. Some people just have no people skills ;) I agree with everyone else, you have beautiful children!

  6. Wow you and Chad did good! Y’all sure make some magnificent kiddos!

    Just sayin'.

    But, really!! You do!

  7. I agree with Becca, what a dingbat! I can't believe she asked you who was just in your home! How is that her business? I'm so glad that your at the point of giggling about it. It does make me sad that so many people are still so ignorant!

  8. I can't believe what comes out of some people's mouths...You have wonderfully perfect kids, and if they can't see that, their loss.

  9. It's neat to hear how far you've come. I keep thinking I need to keep a list of the stupid things people say...