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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

there is a upside!

Since Maddie has been born I have been comparing her to other children…I know better then to do this...but for some reason I always get my hopes and secretly feel better when Maddie has mastered something a “normal” child her age has not…in the beginning she was doing pretty good…as of late I do see her delays…so I have tried not to compare…I even try to eliminate all contact with children in the same age group…just to make sure I am making positive strides with Maddie and my flow of tears…a couple of weeks ago I took care of a little girl the same age as Maddie…I thought I was going to be crazy all week and sad that my baby was not walking, communicating, interacting and well just not as typical of a one year old child…but as the week went on and time has passed…I have to say I am not bummed, crazy or sad…I am relieved that my baby girl is happy, funny, and curious…and do I say smart…she is…and I would not trade her in at this point…maybe when she is a teenager…but not today…she almost very close sat up by herself for her OT and for me…she is finally standing with assistance A LOT of assistance…but she is baring weight on her chubby little legs…I have slowed down her eating but tonight she ate ice cream for the first time and did not throw it up! My Maddie is growing up so fast…her glasses are still not in…and for something I was so upset about having to get for her…I sure am excited and impatient in getting them…


  1. Can't wait to see her in her new glasses! You won't want to trade her in as a teenager either- I bet she'll be a sweetheart then too! Bennett is finally putting weight on his legs with assistance too- our PT said it's just another one of "their" quirks- they don't like bearing weight at first! They'll get there!

  2. Your blog looks so cute! I cant wait to see her little glasses :)

  3. Comparissons can be hard and I've been good about not doing it so far, but Claire is still so young. The baby she goes to daycare with is 1 week younger and she has a cousin 3 weeks older so there will always be kids her age close by. Claire's cousin is sitting and getting on all 4s and rocking, and yet I'm really not sad, more interested to see what Claire's next steps will be. But, I was still excited when she was rolling before the little boy at daycare. ;)