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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Maddie's good...

Yesterday Maddie had her 1 year evaluation for her IFSP…went well…she has met all of her goals for this year…and next years goals look GREAT!! I just want so much for her to meet them all…and the hard work continues (for Maddie)! it was funny…one of the ladies said ” your long term goal is for Maddie to drive”…”I remember this being very important to you”…it took me back and I thought did I really say this…was this REALLY my most important accomplishment for my daughter…how crazy…I thought how short minded…I did not even correct her on my new feelings...I thought I would keep it in just to remind me that I have came a long way…a long way from not liking Maddie…a long way from not wanting to admit she was my daughter…a long way to have such meaningless goals for my girl…I want my Maddie to be healthy and happy…and no longer do I think about long term things in regards to Maddie…I think tomorrow will be better then today and she is coming along just fine…who cares if she is not walking, talking, or even has NO teeth…she is happy, healthy, and by the time she is going to kindergarten she will be walking, talking and will have cut some teeth…Maddie has been so neat lately…her personality is to die for! In the middle of me talking she will grab my face and kiss me…Maddie has a way of telling me everything is going to be ok…


  1. LOVE this! You are a fabulous Mommy!

  2. I'm so glad it went well! I've really enjoyed following your transition from fear to love and acceptance! :-) Btw, I left an award on my blog for Princess Maddie.

  3. It's so sweet. I love it! Maddie will surprise you every day. Just wait!

  4. Danielle ThompsonJune 21, 2010 at 9:18 PM

    I love this entry... i too remember those feelings of the long term goals.. now, just all the little things are such a huge accomplishment. the walking with hopie and now waiting for the talking.... the teeth, we get all of it :) makes me so happy to hear that someone else has alllllll these feelings. we are so blessed to have such a beautiful child in our lives, their joy fills a place in our hearts that cannot be touched by another. the love they have is so amazing and teaches us daily. Hopie learned a new word today, BOOOO... she now likes peek a boo. so exciting!!! i can't wait to meet you and your little ladybug, she and hopie would be great together. lovies :)

  5. It's funny, at our IFSP meeting, (which I didn't really even realize we were having, I just thought we were talking...) pretty much the only thing she wrote down was feeding goals. Yes, Claire needed to gain weight for her OHS, but there were so many things that I would have wanted included...rolling, sitting, crawling. Oh well, at least they've been good about getting the services I want for the most part.