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Friday, June 11, 2010

do they make pink glasses?

Maddie is getting glasses! Yes little glasses…I am not sure about this…I am not sure about anything…why does things like this throw me into a tail spin! This month alone…we have started new medication for life (thyroid) and now glasses for life…when she received her extra chromosome I never would have never guessed so much extra would come with it! this is where I start questioning why! I hate that question...why…it is so not a road that I like to go down…because there are no answers...to most people they will say…oh but she will be cute…it is no biggie…and they are correct…it is no biggie…but in this year in her one year of life…it seems every couple of months something new is added to our daily routine of life…between therapy, doctors, medications and now glasses…we need to fit in being a little princess an just being…soon she will not want to take those awful medications or wear those glasses…all battles for another day…


  1. Dianne TourvilleJune 11, 2010 at 1:50 PM

    We're in the same boat! Eva's 7 mos now, and pink glasses have been ordered... wonder if they're the same ones? (see my wall.) Dianne Thomas Tourville.

  2. Pink glasses are totally the way to go!! I bet Maddie will look beautiful in them. :-)

    Hang in there! These little bumps in the road are just that - bumps in the road. It's good to have her started on meds and glasses now, while she's still a baby, because she'll be used to them and will know nothing different, hence nothing to rebel about later.

  3. http://www.specs4us.com/purchases.html

    Of Course they make Pink Glasses! Check out Specs4Us! Best glasses ever for my princess (and she got the purple ones.)

  4. even if it seems like no big deal, it's a big deal to you because she's YOUR baby. I say freak out, go crazy and be over protective, because that's a moms job!

  5. Pink is definatly her color! She will look adorable :) I understand how you can feel that way though, even minor things piled one after another will eventually take its toll on a person...and then those feelings of "why" you thought you got rid of slowly creep back in. Hang in there :)

  6. I know what you mean...it's not necessarily the glasses, it's that it is ONE MORE THING, ya know! I have days like that and I say admit your frusterations like you did on your blog and allow some time to process and then move forward...just like you always do... because you are a fabulous mom doing the best you can for your pretty little girl!

  7. Well, I wear glasses and I LOVE them! Except when they get steamed up from cooking! LOL!

    I remember well that feelings of too much on my plate and it does slow down. Actually, Gabe is getting sick tonight -- slight fever and plugged up nose -- and I was just thinking about how these things used to put me into a tailspin. Because for the first three almost four years of his life, it was one thing right after another.

    Anyway, I wanted to tell you that you're not alone. AND I sure hope you find the perfect pink specs for the Lovely Miss M! And share lots of pictures too, okay?!♥

  8. The one more thing feeling does get old after a while. I can't wait for the constant appointments to (hopefully) slow down.