Monday, December 6, 2010

life of a "it" girl...

Life of the PaRTy! that is how I would describe Maddie…she will laugh at all your jokes…dance to a good beat and head bang to AC/DC…she LOVES to smile, laugh and scream with excitement…she is ALWAYS where the action is…and she has the personality that you want to hang out with…she listens when you talk and gives back great advice…and she is always willing to share ice cream and sweets…she open mouth kisses with a little tongue girl is an “it” girl…and she is always followed from the moment she walks through the door…people are ALWAYS watching her…smiling and wanting her to notice them…she of course greets them with a wave and a head nod…but do not get to close…she does not like to be touched by strangers even old ones! she prefers an arms length distance…our Maddie is always the life of the PaRTY…


  1. And the cutest one at the party, too!

  2. Her and Arina would have such fun together, she is the same way. Her tongue kisses are the best!

  3. Maddie can come to my parties anytime...she sounds like my type of girl! :)