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Friday, December 3, 2010

got patience?

I know I have been on this subject for awhile…but I just cannot seems to push through…I take care of a 7 month old boy…he is amazing…he just does things…he chews stuff and it goes down his throat all the way to his tummy…he sits straight up and is already side sitting…and today he 4 point crawled…not army crawled 4 point crawled…then not 2 minutes later he was kneeling up at a play table on his own! it is so fascinating to see how kiddos just do things…how they just know that they should sit up and crawl…how instinctually it is there and seemly effortless…then we come to my MaRVeloUs Maddie…who is turning 19 months old…she cannot chew and swallow…the connection is not there…last night she choked again…and again it was harder then ever for her to throw it back up…items seem to lodge very easy these days…it was ground up turkey…a number 2 gerber puree…large motor she is doing great --- for Maddie…she prefers the army crawl because she is lighting fast like a snake…but she does 4 point crawl consistently when she is in search of something she wants up high…she climbs like a champ…and is using the bear crawl more and more…but she had to do all those steps to get to walking…army crawl, 4 point, and bear crawl…WOW…what I did not know before I had my Maddie….she is cruising like a champ….but she should be walking maybe even running…and she should want to…not me having to entice her with items…like chocolate! I am just speechless when it comes to how hard my child has to work…how she has to watch, have her body put in the position and then practice, practice and then for good measure more practice…I wonder if this is how it will be…hard work and lots of repetitions…will this be the same for her academically and for common life skills…the patience I will have to find…scares me….


  1. I worry about the same things, too. Of course, j is only 4 months old...so he's not really having to work any much yet. But this will only make us have a huge respect for them. How hard they have to try, how determined they are and how amazing it is that they don't give up. Because how many times do people give up on things even when they are completely, physically and mentally capable of doing something with ease? Our babes won't. Nope, no way. :)

  2. Our last PT session I teared up a little while I watched Russell work and listened to what muscles he needed to strengthen...It is sad to watch him work hard, very hard, for something my other children did without effort...But like j's Mom said, mad do I ever have mad respect for Russell and his determintaion and drive to do something...
    I love hearing all the stuff Maddie is up to!!

  3. I know that Claire works hard to do what comes easily to other kids, but she has such a great attitude that I sometimes forget. I'm not a patient person, but in some ways I think being a first time mom helps. I don't know any way else but how Claire does things.

  4. Patience, I have heard that word so much since Lucas was born. I'm still working on that :)

  5. I honeslty believe that sweet Eslea was put on this earth to teach my husband and I patience. We are both fairly patient with our kids, etc. But overall, we move pretty fast. We have fairly fast thinking jobs and expect the oldest to be independent and fast thinking herself. I remember one night begging and praying to know what I was supposed to learn from being the mommy of such a beautiful new baby with DS and only one word came...patience. MAYBE by these sweet cherubs teaching us patience, we'll be teaching it to others. IDK. Just a thought. :)