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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

20 WhAT??

As I am walking out to greet Maddie's bus today I hear mommmm mommmm LoUD BIG and it was awesome...the bus monitor told me she un-clicked her seat belt and got out of her seat when she saw out house! I said YEAH for milestones...and I thought to myself this is awesome...maybe unsafe...but I love it...I love that she can undo a seat belt! I love that she is totally a 3 year old doing naughty 3 year old behavior...I love that she says mom...I feel like I have waited a lifetime for this...and I love that she is excited to come home...and of course I love that she is home in one piece dirty sweaty and tired from a fun solid learning experience...I think it is funny that the reaction from the bus monitor was horror...I get she has to be responsible...but this is a big deal for my kid! And we must celebrate it... A while back about a year or so I wrote about Maddie's nails...how brittle, breaking, ugly and peeling...now they just fall off...I did not think to much about it...it's nails...and we have had bigger issues to think about to deal with....so her nails were put on the to do list...so her pediatrician had me go to the dermatologist to see if it was a fungus or virus or something...his diagnosis is twenty nail dystrophy...WHAT...really it just sounds annoying...so his remedy vitamin B...so I guess Maddie will try it...he said we will hope to see a difference in 4 to 6 months...reaching the Internet...it said there is no treatment...he also mentioned her lack of vitamin B is why her hair is so weird...I have chalked most things about Maddie as it is just a Maddie thing...no explanation...no reason...just it is Maddie's body being it own little extra goodness...I will call the pediatrician and see if I need to put her on a multiple vitamin in case other nutrients are just not enough for her growing body...have any of you had this issue?? Birthday parties...it's funny when Maddie was born I was so worried she would not be invited to any parties...she is...and I am not sure I am much of a fan...a little girl invited Maddie to her 3 year old party...very nice...but I do not know her or her mom...we just met 2 weeks ago...so this is the problem...I cannot scope out or predict the environment...therefore we will not go...I do not want chaos with blow up toys that Maddie cannot do with ease and confidence...I do not want woman and there fake grins and misconceptions of my daughter...the questions...sometimes I am just not into teachable moments...and that is what a party of unknowns turns into...maybe next time...i know we will have many more opportunities for parties...this is just not the age or time...I just feel really good about Maddie her progress her new skills...And do not want any let downs...I know me being selfish again!


  1. Love all this! Amazing how we start to see these "normal" things, we had believed would come but sometimes doubted, emerge and the joy we feel when they happen is beyond words! There is so many more of those moments to come!!!!

  2. How awesome about the seatbelt, if not a bit naughty. :-) LOL About the vitamin deficiency...Sammi takes a multivitamin b/c she has shown in past bloodwork to be deficient in iron and zinc. Her geneticist asks for bloodwork annually to keep an eye on those as well as her thyroid (which, thankfully, is still fine). Definitely be aware of vitamin deficiencies. If she can chew a chewable vitamin, the Target brand children's chewable is the only one I can find that has EVERYTHING in good doses in it. Sammi's diet kinda sucks, so we rely on the vitamin to make up the difference.

    About the birthday party, I totally, totally know what you mean. We went to many, many of which I left, utterly frustrated. But practice makes perfect. I've practiced my gritted-teeth-behind-fake-smile a lot and gotten through many such events, but when I would stop to think about how much fun SAMMI was having, I started to loosen up a bit about it. Hope that helps...

  3. Love that she unbuckled herself when she saw the house! We have Russell on a multivitamin because his iron always seems a little low...He won't chew it though, I have to smash it up and mix it in with his yogurt, but whatever works!
    And Birthday parties...It wouldn't hurt to hold off and wait a little if it made you feel uncomfortable right now...There will be a ton more to go to in the future :)

  4. I'm totally going to search that nail disorder after I finish typing this...Sutter's finger nails are fine but his toe nails, peal, break in the middle and sometimes just fall off and I hate it! I had decided he was missing important nutrients from his diet so I've add a liquid multi-vit. (he doesn't like any of the chewing ones we've bought!) The liquid one smells gross but I can get it in him and I've started using the vitamix to make his (and Landon's) nightly glass of chocolate milk - one large hand full of spinach and two sippys worth of milk. I blend it until the spinach is liquid, add the chocolate and so far neither one of them has complained! I'm hoping the extra vitamins help but now I'm thinking I better add vit. B too!

    Speaking of naughty Sutter just walked in with his shirt off! LOL So glad Maddie is loving school, being just a little naughty and saying mom!!! Awesomeness all around! :)

  5. I really miss when I would pick my kids up from preschool and they would trip over themselves to get to me. It was always so heart warming to see how much they really missed you. Now I probe, "HOw was your day?" reply, "good" how was your lunch, "good" ok, um how was french class, "good" I try and trip dave up and say, "how were the bad things today" He smirks slightly and continues a blank stare out the window. Gee tough crowd huh?!

    Also about the bday party. Have Chad take her, or a good friend take her. Leave it up to Chad to "educate", that is his profession after all. Plus, if she goes to this little girls party, later you can invite her to Maddie's party. Who knows what will come of it until you try.

    And just a side note, Heather and I are sending Max a box today. I'm the bad aunt that didn't get it sent on friday, sorry! I hope Max had a wonderful 7th birthday, and hopefully you will post some pics of his bash! Love you lots!

  6. I love the seat belt! And saying mom....LOVE!! Claire signs mom, but still doesn't say it. I really need to get claire on a vitamin. I tried the gummy chewables and she wouldn't take them. Her diet could use some assitance from a vitamin though. :) Her finger nails are good, but her toe nails are very brittle.