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Sunday, January 8, 2012

just better!

3 years ago this month is when my world stopped...when life stopped being "normal"...and my fairytale life went somewhere never to be found again...when I realized that my life was not better then everyone elses...and that life is unpredictable as I saw my families to be...I always believed because my Mom watched over me since the age of 10 years old that nothing bad could happen...when the ultrasound revealed that Maddie was going to be born with Down syndrome...I realized that I was a statistic...today I am at ease to be that statistic...I am ok to have a child like Maddie...she has shown me what life can be...it is not safe...it is not content...and it is not easy...life is just one day at a time...sometimes one minute at a time...but then we get through the rough patch and I see that my life is as "normal" as yours...I am doing all the "mom" things I always dreamed of for me and my children...I have realized that life is as "normal" as I make it...that I cannot look at other people to understand or empathize with us...because to understand our world is to live in our world...and that is ok for them and it is ok for us...Maddie is back to her 3 therapies a week...and tumbling 1 a week...she rocked the songs and remembered all the moves! I had Maddie wear her glasses to class and she watched her teacher and mimicked every move! SuPErSTAR!
her big brother finally got into the school we have been waiting to get in and it is as great as I thought...very child centered and learning at the forefront not discipline...he goes to kindergarten 4 full days and 1/2 day on friday...he has choosen on those fridays to go to our local rec center for ice-skating, swimming and fun! Max also begins gymnastics this week and basketball...nothing intensive just fun and a good outlet for him! and also something he does not have to share with his sister! Maddie tends to get a lot of the attention...and then there is Chad...he is super busy with teaching...helping start a new High School...finishing up his 2nd masters and coaching robotics...so to say our life is different...it is not...it is just as busy...eventful...and just plain good!


  1. Very cool. Life is so busy isn't it! We are still on summer holidays and I am so glad not to have a routine!

  2. What an adorable picture of Maddie!! You guys sound as busy as we are!!

  3. OMG, such a cute picture! You all sound busy! I'm busy too but not getting a lot done, aahhh ;)

  4. Okay, she is totally a superstar rocking out the cutest outfit in the world! Your life is very busy, and sounds pretty normal to me! You sound way more busy than my little world...but it sounds like a ton of fun though!

  5. Are you sure you can't add in one more activity?! LOL I know it won't be long and my days will sound just like yours and I think it's great that they are so involved and active!

    Sister is rocking that leotard! :)

    PS ~ I can totally relate to the "I realized that my life was not better then everyone elses"....I'm glad I'm not that person anymore!

  6. Awesome post. Maddie is ROCKING that leotard! I think Kaety has the same dolly...usually it can be found hanging upside down by its feet as well! LOL! :)

  7. So happy for you. LOVE this post. Maddie is adorable in her little leg warmers!