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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dinner with the family!


  1. Haha...She is certainly very protective of her food!!! I loved it when she was signing thank you, she is so stinkin cute!! Max is quite the character and very smart too I might add :)
    I think your house sounds every bit as loud as mine and you just have the two!!! lol

  2. That kept me smiling the whole time. Those two are best buddies, huh? Maddie is just way too adorable, and full of the same attitude as my little Kristen! Max definitely said something very smart too. Thanks for letting us dine with you on video!

  3. I was a little disappointed that your video was only 7 minutes long. I think I just need a "Sharpe Cam" that I can view all day long:) XOXO

  4. There is no sound more beautiful than giggling children!

  5. Have you heard of James McDonald, Communicating Partners? He is has a couple of books about Late Talkers and some of his key concepts are things like
    1) turn taking with your child (for as many turns as you can) how many turns did Madddie and Max have in row ? heaps!! I love the way she looks at him for a reaction !
    2)talk in ways that the child can and add one sound/word - Max copied Maddie and then lead Maddie to a new sound, she copied him right back!
    3) Wait. often our late talkers need just those few moments longer - Max waits, expectantly for Maddie to yell at him for stealing his nacho's and he waits and WHAM she yells! .
    I tell you this is a great example of everything I have read about but its done completely naturally and spontaneously, perfect really, high five to Max, (seriously how smart and funny is this kid).
    Viv Oweys mum