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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

so 2!

This is a snap shot of how Maddie spends her day...and why Mommie is sooo tired!

Maddie the Dino Digger
I see bones...brother
look what I found

one more bite
yum snow!
it is like this
stools are my friend
this looks tastie
I see the fork...but...
I went potty...really
see! with my cute dress
bad deal! sad toe...


  1. She is so cute...but that poor little toe! Ouch! Yes, so 2 is right. Love the potty pictures...

  2. Haha, she's a busy body that's for sure!!! Uggg, the toe picture makes me cringe!! What happened??

  3. Oh how I love me some Maddie pictures...she's a girl after Sutter's heart! I love the picture of her with food all over her face, who needs a fork?! That toe looks awful, hope she heals fast!!!

  4. She is into everything!! Oh that toe looks painful. :(

  5. I hope the toe improves soon. The rest of the photos - absolutely adorable!

  6. Yep, those terrible twos. And I've heard they usually continue on into the threes. If that's true, I think I'll need some really strong meds. . .