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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Sometimes the frustration just boils up…I am VERY comfortable with kids/toddlers…I am what you would call an expert of sorts…I have an early childhood degree…I have worked in the Boys & Girls Clubs for 10 years…and I have owned and operated my own home daycare for 5 years…and I am at a loss with Maddie…completely clueless when it comes to her…she just does not listen…and if she is listening then she is not following through on the task I am asking…yes her behaviors are very typical of most 1 and 2 year olds…but it does not mean I have to like it…or just chalk it up to Maddie being Maddie…when she cries I still get upset…when she gets hurt I still cry…and she cannot communicate or better yet will not communicate to me what is wanted then I get as equally frustrated…I think I have told Maddie at least 100 times not to climb on the kitchen table to sit, dance, eat, draw, and or paint…I think I have taken a stool away from her 50 times because there is a reason I have counters and I put things that Maddie should not have on them i.e. choking hazards…when she touches anything and then has to taste it I go crazy! tasting dirt, toilets, mud, rocks, glue, my hair, her hair, other kids hair, just wired…but the kicker of all kickers is when Maddie screams to scream because she does not want to walk from Max’s room to where I am…she is not hurt, she is not incapable…she is lazy…when I walk in to see what is up it is a hi with a smile and hands up…Maddie is my shadow…I do love my shadow just not the shadow that I am consistently having to go around or over or pick up…I know or I think someday I will miss these days…I know I should be thankful I am not in the days wondering if Maddie will do this or that or the other thing! because she is doing this, that and the other thing -times 3…and some things I never ever thought imaginable…


  1. I have these days too. Today Lucas was destroying the house as I was cleaning and it was frustrating to say the least. I talked to his OT about behavior and she said to do what we did with Natalie and put him in time out. We've had to do it a few times and he gets really upset. I wish I could say it's working but I'm not really sure.

  2. I've been trying to get Sutter to listen or mind better myself and I completely understand your frustrations! I know Sutter understands what I'm saying, he simply chooses not to listen or mind. It's like he just doesn't care, his attitude is like "what are you gonna do about it!" I've tried time outs but I think he was too young...I may revisit them in the next couple of months. I spend all day chasing after, cleaning up after and doing my best to keep him safe, it's exhausting!

    With any luck they'll grow out of it sooner rather than later and who knows maybe one day we'll want we crazy days back!

  3. OMG I should video Kimani twirling on the table and post it for you :-) I tell her (and Masha) every day to get off the table. I say the same things over and over and over and over, and these girls are 4 and 3. Masha spends a lot of time in the time-out chair for not listening but with Kimani there is nothing I can do, she just doesn't understand. And the stove and counters, ugh, I have to lock Kimani in the other room when I am cooking because she reaches up and pulls down anything she can reach. I can't tell you how many things she has broken and how many messes she has made.

    The in missing ability to communicate better is rough sometimes. Does Maddie know the signs for hurt, stop it, all done, want, etc. Those type of word signs can really help.

    And lastly, make that girlie walk to you. Don't let her get away with being lazy and screaming for you/at you. Tough love in this situation is going to help her out when she hits school.

    Wish you could come over for tea and cookies so we could vent together :-)

  4. Yikes, I'm just entering this stage! I am about ready to set up my port a crib so I can keep her contained! She climbed up on my table and was eating ginger bread houses today. Ahhh!!

  5. Ooooooohhhhhhhhh, deep breath! I can hear your frustration and it's a tough stage she's in. Yes, a stage... not forever. I do not look back at John Michael's "naughty" stage with fondness, but luckily, I have forgotten most of it until I am reminded by reading a blog such as yours. You can ask your service coordinator to help with behavior issues. You can talk to her therapists for ideas. You can also request respite (I hope they have it in your area) so you can get a little breather away from Maddie now and then. It's so important and recharges us to be better mommies. Hang in there. Easier said than done. Buy some earplugs for Christmas and I'll be praying for some peace for you soon :-)

  6. Yep, Coop did the scream from the other room thing too. Drove.Me.Crazy! But, thankfully, it is just a stage. He now is happy to walk to wherever I am and cause chaos. ;)

  7. Well, I'm glad...it's not just Kaetlyn! Some days I'm ready to tear my hair out! Recently, EVERYTHING must be climbed upon, "no" means "do it again please" and the sly little look in her eyes when she's doing something she knows she's not supposed to do just kills me. She's not even 2 and I think, "Are we in the Terrible 2's already?!" Guess it's just life. Though sometimes, I want to scream! :)

    By the way, love the new header and those awesome pictures of Maddie. She's just so gosh darn cute (even if frustrating) :) Have a nice Holiday! ~SMILE~