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Friday, November 11, 2011

taking for granted is what I have done for to long...not understanding the importance of the little things...I believe this selfishness made me sad in a way about life...always looking for more and bigger...I did not find true peace...happiness is relative...peace is truly what I strive for...someone once told me if I can sit in silence that I was ok...he was correct...I again can sit in silence...I do not need anything filling the white noise and it is peace...since I love to do lists of 21...here is 21 small reasons I am thankful of my Maddie...
1. she can climbs and is naughty about it
2. she can eat a whole macaroni noodle
3. she can brush her teeth and spit
4. she can give me a pecs cards to tell me what she wants
5. she can wrestle as good as the boys
6. she can say "good"
7. she can chew and swallow
8. she tells me she is ready for nite nite
9. she smiles
10. she sighs and knows she is important
11. she give great kisses with licks
12. she wants to know more
13. she laughs
14. she loves to go anywhere
15. she loves her brother and Dad
16. she walks around knowing she owns this world
17. she is just cuddly when she is sick not whiney
18. she can take a shower by herself wash/rinse hair
19. she sweeps her hair out of her face and says "there"
20. she helps me set the table
21. she is just Maddie


  1. Love this!!!!! Those aren't *little* things, either - those are HUGE!!! Those are all what makes Maddie who she is, and she is awesome!

  2. I love this post! Maddie is amazing...I'm totally impressed with the independent shower! Maddie sounds like one big ball of fun wrapped up in a super cute package! :)

  3. I love this list. You know, Maddie is really doing so well! The comment above is right too...these are big huge things! I am so glad you reflected and made this list. It is good to find peace every so often in this crazy world...have a good weekend. :)

  4. I loved this post too :)...We are BIG Maddie fans over here!!

  5. seriously ..she washes her hair and rinses it?? My thirteen yearold sometimes forgets to rinse ! LOL hair slicked with conditioner is THE look right now don't ya know. But seriously I want a Maddie at my house ! Love her independant attitude ! Viv

  6. What a list! Maddie, you rock!

  7. Arina is such a typical toddler it isn't even funny. That girl is into EVERYTHING. heaven help me because she is nearly walking!
    Everything about Maddie is so fantastic and oh so Maddie!